Sightseeing spots

Daiho Hachimangu Shrineに関するページ

Daiho Hachimangu Shrine

The oldest "Hachiman-sama" in the Kanto region

Nature Center (Inside Kokaigawa Fureai Park)に関するページ

Nature Center (Inside Kokaigawa Fureai Park)

Commune with great purple emperors—Japan's national butterfly—and rich nature

Sanuma Promenade (Inside Sanuma Park)に関するページ

Sanuma Promenade (Inside Sanuma Park)

Walk along a lake with a circumference of 6 kilometers

Kan O-en Garden (Inside Sanuma Park)に関するページ

Kan O-en Garden (Inside Sanuma Park)

Have a relaxing time at a famous cherry blossom viewing spot

Beerspark Shimotsumaに関するページ

Beerspark Shimotsuma

A natural hot spring surrounded by nature

Road Station Shimotsumaに関するページ

Road Station Shimotsuma

Japan's only roadside rest area with a natto factory

Sanpo-no-Eki Sun Sun Sanumaに関するページ

Sanpo-no-Eki Sun Sun Sanuma

A cafe with a beautiful view and a market full of local specialties

Sanuma Bridgeに関するページ

Sanuma Bridge

A 395-meter Y-shaped bridge over Sanuma Lake

Joso Line Tobanoe Station Buildingに関するページ

Joso Line Tobanoe Station Building

A place drawing residents of areas near the Joso Line and visitors

Joso Line Daiho Station Buildingに関するページ

Joso Line Daiho Station Building

An unstaffed small train station with a traditional atmosphere

Tagaya Castle Ruins Parkに関するページ

Tagaya Castle Ruins Park

Ruins of the castle where the Tagaya clan lived

Shiroyama Inari-jinja Shrineに関するページ

Shiroyama Inari-jinja Shrine

An Inari-jinja shrine with the earthen barrier remains of Shimotsuma Castle

Muneto-jinja Shrineに関するページ

Muneto-jinja Shrine

A shrine that enshrines the spirit of Abe no Muneto

Ezure Yosui Kyu-ko Miyaura Ryohi (Old Facility for Dividing Ezure Irrigation Channel Water)に関するページ

Ezure Yosui Kyu-ko Miyaura Ryohi (Old Facility for Dividing Ezure Irrigation Channel Water)

The oldest brick gate in existence for the Ezure Irrigation Channel

Sodo-jinja Shrineに関するページ

Sodo-jinja Shrine

A shrine to protect Shinsodo Village

Sangijin Shotokuhi (Monument of Three Righteous Men)に関するページ

Sangijin Shotokuhi (Monument of Three Righteous Men)

Three righteous men who built the foundation of a major rice-producing area

Shimotsuma Furusato Museumに関するページ

Shimotsuma Furusato Museum

Learn about the history and people associated with Shimotsuma

Komyoji Templeに関するページ

Komyoji Temple

A temple associated with Shinran Shonin

Ojima Soan Remainsに関するページ

Ojima Soan Remains

A place associated with Shinran Shonin

Kinu Flower Lineに関するページ

Kinu Flower Line

Interact with flowers and the waterfront environment of the floodplains of Kinugawa River